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Sole Soak

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Sole Soak


Tired feet will feel relaxed, soft, and luxuriously pampered while soaking in this nutrient rich blend of organic coconut milk and dead sea salt. We added adaptogenic ashwaganda root and lavender essential oil to calm the mind and help release nervous tension. Ylang ylang essential oil adds a mood lifting element that encourages self love and inner peace.

After soaking, your feet will feel relaxed, moisturized, and noticeably softer.

*Each full size 6oz jar of Sole Soak should last approximately 8-10 uses. This item can also be used as a bath soak. Note: using the product as a bath soak may decrease the number of uses available since more product may be used for a bath  

Each 2oz Jar of Sole Soak should last approximately 3 uses.