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The texture of this product (Sole Replenish) is moist, gritty and perfect for stubborn dead skin removal. Literal therapy for the soles!

I attended Sole Soak Sunday and I must say it was amazing! It was relaxing and the products smelled so good. My feet looked and felt better than when I leave the nail salon. I absolutely recommend!

Everyone should experience Sole Soak Sunday because you're doing something special for yourself while also connecting with other women. I loved it!!

Sole Butter is the BEST foot butter or balm I've ever used. I have extremely dry skin on my feet and this is the only thing that helps. My feet stay soft and moist all day when I use it.

I wish I could buy a jar of the foot scrub cubes (Pedi Cubes) and take them everywhere! They work wonders on my dry skin and callouses.

Who We Are: Natural & Raw

We're a black woman owned business based in Atlanta GA and we're passionate about elevated self care products & experiences that honor the power of raw natural ingredients. All Purgasm Shop products are made in small batches with lots of love and minimally processed ingredients. Our intention for each offering is to make you feel beautiful, nurtured, and powerfully at peace, just as nature intended. Click "Learn More" to explore our ingredient directory and our brand ethos.

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