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Melanated Skin

Did you know that skin with melanin produces more oil? This makes melanated skin less prone to wrinkles and better at retaining moisture. But, if melanated skin is not properly cleaned, excess oil can clogged pores and cause acne that leads to dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

In my years of making skincare products, teaching skincare formulations classes, and studying esthetics, the biggest factor I've seen in having dull or acne prone skin was whether or not the skin was being properly cleansed. 

Quite honestly, I was in my 30's when I found that there was a better way to wash my face, especially as a melanated woman.

What I've learned is that skin with higher concentrations of melanin produces more sebum.

If you've ever experienced a "waxy coating" on your skin and felt that your skin was dry and not getting enough moisture, although you were moisturizing consistently; then you've probably just experienced having your pores clogged by sebum. This can happen anywhere on your body where there are pores and hair follicles, including your face. 

To combat excess sebum, we need a cleanser that targets excess oil. And traditional soaps cleanse dirt, but they're not very effective at dissolving oil and sebum.

For cleansing sebum, you need an oil cleanser. Oil cleansers are oil based cleansers that are massaged into the skin and wiped away with a damp cloth or cleansing pad. They can be used alone or used with a non-stripping facial soap or water based cleanser as part of a two step cleansing practice called "double cleansing". 

When I began "double cleansing", I had significantly less breakouts, it felt more balanced, and irritation and scars healed more quickly.

I've been double cleansing for several years now and I know that I've found my perfect cleansing practice. If you have melanated skin and would like to experience the wonders of double cleansing, take a look at my Skin Reset kit here.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, or experiences with oil cleansing or double cleansing!