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Sole Smooth (Callous Remover Pedi Bar)

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Sole Smooth (Callous Remover Pedi Bar)


The Sole Smooth Pedi Bar is a 3-in-1 foot scrub bar that buffs away callouses, cleans dirt and toxins from deep within the pores, and deodorizes and refreshes tired feet.  Rough feet will feel softer, smoother feet, and luxuriously pampered after a buffing session with the handcrafted Pedi Bar made with freshly ground fair trade coffee beans, raw turbinado sugar, pumice, and raw shea butter. 

*A little goes a very long way. Each full size Sole Smooth Pedi Bar should last approximately 25-30 uses or 3-4 months depending on frequency of use. 
Each Mini Sole Smooth Pedi Bar square should last approximately 3-4 uses.