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Sole Box - with free access to Virtual Sole Soak Sunday July 25, 2021


$105.00 per person


About this experience

Discover our Sole Soak collection with the Sole Box that contains  all four (4) full sized products from the Sole Soak Collection along with instructions and guided self-care inspiration in a beautifully branded box.

**2021 Purgasm Shop Anniversary Promotion - All Sole Box purchased in June 2021 will receive free access to the July 2021 Sole Soak Sunday experience. After purchase, a registration link will be sent to your email address.

What's in the bag? How does it work?

The box contains all four (4) products listed below from the Sole Soak collection along with information cards and instructions for use. The products are used in a relaxing four step process to soften, hydrate, detoxify, and remove callouses from the feet. The products should be used in a relaxing environment to help promote more intense feelings of calmness.

The box also incudes a small blue organza bag store the products in while traveling.

Step 1: Sole Soak, Mineral-rich Foot Soak

Step 2: Sole Replenish, Foot Polish & Elixir

Step 3: Sole Smooth, Callous Remover Bar

Step 4: Sole Butter, Softening Foot Butter

What to Expect

This is a true spa foot care experience and after use, feet are moisturized, smooth, noticeably softer, and have significantly less callouses. 

How to Use?

For the full experience, we recommend setting aside a "self-care" time to soak your feet and sensually enjoy each product. 

*If you don't have time for a full "self-care" session, Steps 2-4 (see 2nd image) can be completed in the shower or bath.