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Sole Soak - Foot Bath


The Sole Soak  is a special foot care and relaxation experience in a bag. Each bag contains four (4) handmade and specially formulated products to pamper your feet with spa quality results. We recommend completing your Sole Soak session during the full moon lunar cycle, but these products can be enjoyed at any time of the month.


 What's in the bag? How does it work?

The bag contains all four (4) products from the Sole Soak collection along with information cards and instructions for use. The products are used in a relaxing four step process to soften, hydrate, detoxify, and remove callouses from the feet. In addition, the euphoric blend of adaptogens (natural stress relievers) help to promote feelings of calm and relaxation and pain relief for tired and achy feet.

What to Expect

This is a true spa foot care experience and after the first use, feet are moisturized, smooth, noticeably softer, and have significantly less callouses. 

How to Use?

For the full experience, we recommend setting aside a "self-care" time to soak your feet and sensually enjoy each product. During this time, we recommend that you reflect on all that you are grateful for and all that you'd like to manifest and or release. 

If you don't have time for a full "self-care" session, Steps 2-4 (see 2nd image) can be completed in the shower or bath.