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Curl Rebirth Kit

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Have you struggled to find the right products for your kinky, curly, or afro textured hair? The Curl Rebirth kit features our 4 Best Selling products for conditioning, shining, and defining your natural kinks, curls, and coils.

Curl Rebirth Mini Kit Includes:
  • One (1) small Silk & Lather Shampoo Bar  - a shampoo and detangling bar that cleans without stripping the natural oils from your hair Each bar contains silk amino acids, raw Shea butter, and wild cherry bark to leave your curls feeling soft, silky, and moisturized. It's great for kinky, curly, and afro textured hair that craves moisture. (approximately 2 oz.). *Formerly known as the "Wild Cherry Poo Bar".


  • One (1) Wild Cherry Mud Mask - a "ready to mix" deep conditioning mask for malnourished hair. It provides the ultimate damage repair and conditioning experience for curly, kinky, and afro textured that craves moisture & nutrition. When mixed with boiling water, the mud mask bars form a "fresh" and botanically active hair mask to deep condition, strengthen, and define your curls. Formerly known as the "Wild Cherry Treatment Truffles".


  • One (1) Kink & Curl Gel Seruma conditioning gel serum that defines tight curls and kinky, curly, and afro textured hair.  The serum is made with silk and herbs that hydrate and stimulate the natural curl pattern. It provides curl elongation & leaves a high shine with a silky finish and flexible hold that lasts for days.  Great for a wash & go, shingling, or just a shiny and defined kinky/curly ponytail. The possibilities are endless! (2 oz). *Formerly known as "Curl Poppin' Gel". The new formula is slightly thicker for easier application.


  • One (1) Whipped Pomade - a moisturizer, daily leave-in, and a styling product to create well-defined twist-outs, braid-outs that last for days. It's specially whipped to a hybrid texture of whipped butter, pomade, and cream. It goes on super light but provides heavy-duty hydration and moisture sealing and also provides stretch and elongation for super tight kinks and coils. Hair is left super soft, shiny, and manageable. (2 oz)

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    Can Polis for Petals be used on my face? No, the Polish For Petals is intended to be used from the neck down.