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Exfoliate, Moisturize & Deodorize in one step.

Experience better looking feet after the first use!


What is it?
A rejuvenating foot scrub with sugar crystals, ground coffee beans, and raw cocoa butter to scrub away dry patches and rough skin in hard to reach places. It removes dirt & bacteria from clogged pores and deodorize foot odor, leaving your feet soft, supple, and intensely smooth. 



  • Lavender & Peppermint essential oils help to deodorize the feet & provide a balanced energized feeling.
  • Sugar crystals and ground coffee exfoliate dead skin and soften callouses.
  • Cocoa Butter & sweet almond oil penetrate the skin to provide moisture & hydration, leaving skin moist and glowing.

Ingredients - Sole Replenish

Sugar, Coffee beans, shea butter,  Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Lavender essential oil,  Peppermint essential oil, Less than .05% phthalate-free fragrance oil*, Love!

* Our phthalate-free fragrance oil is used in a very small amount (.05% or less). It has been meticulously sourced and is free from known carcinogens, reproductive and acute toxins, and harmful mutagens.

The Replenish Ritual

Remove a quarter sized amount of Sole Replenish from the jar, paying special attention to avoid water entering the jar.

Mindfully massage the Sole Replenish in circular motions all over your feet, paying close attention to rough skin patches, heels, ankles, and the areas between your toes. Scrub for approximately 1-3 minutes for best results. Rinse thoroughly to remove scrub particles from your feet.

If needed, follow with the Sole Smooth Pedicure Bar to further buff away built up callouses or dry patches. When finished, lightly towel dry, leaving skin slightly damp; and apply a small amount of Sole Butter to maintain moisture and softness.