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What is Sole Soak Sundays?

Posted by Nicole Jennings on
What is Sole Soak Sundays?

Sole Soak Sundays is a virtual event held on Sundays where a group of women come together virtually to consistently practice and learn about self-care, bond with other women, and build community. During the Sole Soak, we use Purgasm Shop products from the Sole Soak bag (included with purchase) to soak and bathe our feet, while relaxing and/or discussing topics ranging from self-care and natural healing to astrology and manifesting. Sole Soak Sundays are mostly held on the Sunday closest to the full moon each month, but may be held at other times and for special events such as Mother's Day, Ladies Night, etc.

Why is it held during the Full Moon ?

During the full moon each month, we experience heightened awareness and emotion as the moon's gravity pulls on our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. During this time, many ancient traditions around the world participate in sacred baths and cleansing rituals as a way to release stagnant energy, reset our mind, bodies, and spirt, and to offer gratitude. Building upon these sacred practices, we incorporate foot soaking as way to honor our bodies and our physical and spiritual journey thus far.

 What's in the bag? How does it work?

During the Sole Soak, we use products from the Sole Soak collection to soften, hydrate, detoxify, and remove callouses from the feet. In addition, the euphoric blend of adaptogens (natural stress relievers) help to promote feelings of calm and relaxation and pain relief for tired and achy feet. This is done together and as a shared experience among attendees.

What to Expect

For your soles (feet): This is a true spa foot care experience and after the first use, feet are moisturized, smooth, noticeably softer, and have significantly less callouses. 

For your soul:  During and after the Sole Soak, you can expect to feel more relaxed and less stressed, more in tune with nature and your own energy, and more connected to a great community of like-minded women. Most women find it easier to be consistent with their self-care practices after joining a community of women that practice self-care together.

How do you join?

Book your Sole Soak Sunday experience here, grab your foot soak bowl or basin, and a relaxing drink of choice, a couple of roses, and join us for the next full moon Sole Soak! Note- Sole Soak experiences must be ordered at least 7 days prior to the event to allow time for item to be shipped and received.

Sole Soak Sunday Dates - Spring 2021* 

April 25 Sole Soak Sunday: Scorpio Pink Moon
May 9 Sole Soak Sunday: Mother's Day Edition
May 26 Sole Soak Sunday: Sagittarius Flower Moon
June 20 Sole Soak Sunday: Father's Day Edition
June 27 Sole Soak Sunday: Capricorn Strawberry Moon

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